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At Doneet, we believe that one of the best uses of the internet is to provide humanitarian assitance through free online fundraising. People suffering from homelessness usually walk the streets of large cities with the hope that kind people empathize with them. Empathy needs a feeling of connection to others, and this is becoming increasingly hard in a society that emphasizes individualism as opposed to collective well-being.

Living in a large city usually means living a life where...Read more

Doneet is a center to help people that are facing difficult times. Making an online fundraising campaing with the use of social media social media can now be a very useful tool to gather donations for personal causes. We have seen personal donation campaigns collect hundreds of thousands of dollars for a whole range of different causes, including medical emergencies, accidents, Natural disasters and the alleviation of homelessness.

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Using the internet and social media as a tool to deliver help for good causes is one of the best uses of modern technology. Having a campaign on the internet does not mean that donors will magically appear and pour money into our account. As a matter of fact, unless you use some strategies to correctly set up your campaign and engage the crowd, your campaign will likely remain without contributions. So here you'll find a few tips that you can use to promote and engage the crowd so that your...Read more

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For quite a few years now, governments have relied on the act of just giving money to the poor as an important mechanism to improve the living conditions of people around the world. There are numerous successful examples of government programmes that have helped millions of people through what is known as Conditional Cash Transfers (also CCT). These are usually programmes in which a government gives money to people who...Read more