Collecting donations, 3 tips to make your online fundraising efforts a success

Doneet is a center to help people that are facing difficult times. Making an online fundraising campaing with the use of social media social media can now be a very useful tool to gather donations for personal causes. We have seen personal donation campaigns collect hundreds of thousands of dollars for a whole range of different causes, including medical emergencies, accidents, Natural disasters and the alleviation of homelessness.

Asking for money online is a technique that is popular among non profit organizations that attract funds using and expanding social media. In the case of personal campaigns, not all of them are as successful as to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars, but if done right, online fundraising can provide a way for you to alleviate financial stress when going through a difficult time. It is for this reason that we are providing you with 3 marketing tips to your panhandling efforts into a fun and positive experience.

1. Choose a platform such as which that has a friendly branding, and also has the reach to appeal to various people in many countries.

2. Set up your campaign positively, use a positive tone, e.g.: Rather than having a campaign title that says "Desperate Help needed for ....", you might want to have something like "Join our effort to support....".

3. Probably the most important part is the promotion side, so as you go around the internet or in the real world promoting your campaign, try to make it appeal to emotions and identity instead of wallets, e.g. If you are a veteran setting up a personal campaign with doneet, look for other veterans on twitter, tumblr, facebook and google plus, look for veteran related forums where you can post a link to your campaign. Think of other identity related niches that you can tap into with social media, e.g. people who attended the same school as you, religious group, ethnic group and so on,

That sounds great, buy How do I look for all these people that can support me if I don't know them?

Finding your niche of identity-related people is very simple.Using our veteran example, Make sure to create a profile on the major social media sites like Twitter, facebook, pinterest, google+ and tumblr, and make sure that your profile says that you are a Vetaran along with any other information other Veterans can relate to. The same applies to other identities you might have (e.g. latino, profession, religious identities, parent, etc). After that, look for other veteran organizations or identity-related organizations on these platforms , but don't follow them, instead, look at their followers,They will probably have hundreds or in many cases thousands of followers. Follow these people and many of them will follow you back, Why? because they are of the same identity as the profile you've created. If you are using twitter, make sure to follow people in batches of 20 - 30 people at any given time, as twitter might tink your account has been hijacked by a spammer and could force you to confirm again your account. Once you have a following of a few hundred people, which is fairly simple to get in a couple of days, you can share the link to your campaign and many of these people will reshare that link, creating a positive feedback loop. that can boost your campaign to the sky.  

These little marketing trick is used by online marketers all the time, and it will also work with your campaign for raising funds online, so what are you waiting for? Register with Doneet; Start a campaign now and collect donations for your personal cause.