How Doneet works?

Doneet is an exciting, new crowdfunding platform built for delivering altruistic, humanitarian and charitable assistance. The platform can be used by any person, organization, or non-profit that is looking to start a fundraiser for humanitarian or altruistic purposes.

Starting your campaign with Doneet is FREE and super-simple, our registration process will guide you step-by-step in setting up your account, as well as in publishing and promoting your campaign to make it a success !. You will receive your funds through your account with either Paypal or Stripe, which are two of the most trusted and recognized payment suppliers. Linking your Paypal or Stripe accounts to Doneet can easily be done with just one click.

There are no costs associated in setting up your fundraiser and sharing it. Doneet will deduct a 5% administrative charge for every donation made. Paypal and Stripe will also deduct a processing fee of about 4% for every payment made through Doneet. This means that you will receive approximately 91 cents of every dollar donated to your campaign !, which is one of the lowest fees in the crowdfunding industry.