Support the homeless by starting a free online fundraiser

At Doneet, we believe that one of the best uses of the internet is to provide humanitarian assitance through free online fundraising. People suffering from homelessness usually walk the streets of large cities with the hope that kind people empathize with them. Empathy needs a feeling of connection to others, and this is becoming increasingly hard in a society that emphasizes individualism as opposed to collective well-being.

Living in a large city usually means living a life where rush becomes a predominant experience. If you happen to live in a large city like New York or LA, stop for a few minutes outside a busy metro station or a busy street and look at the people around you. Most of the people seem to be in a rush to get to wherever they need to A state of rush seems to be the predominant state of people living in large cities. In such a restless society, empathy and connection become increasingly difficult, as we tend to proritize whatever needs to be done next in our lifes over helping and connecting with others.

We've all done this somehow, and if you live in a big city, you might do this every day. Driving with your car on your way to work, passing next to a homeless person with a sign and moving on to the next thing without thinking much about it. The truth is that doing nothing is the easiest alternative of all, yet the next day we encounter the same experience and on and on it goes. Sometimes you might think, I'll help this person out with a few bucks, but then the light turns green and you just say, oops, maybe next time.

We tend to have lots of preconceptions about homeless people. In our society, it is far easier to judge people based on our own thoughts about their situation than to understand them by empathizing with them and listening to their stories. A life story is usually hard to put on a cardboard, and even if you could, how many people would actually take the time to read it on the streets? This is the main reason why we would like our platform to be used by Panhandlers and the homeless, we think that it can provide a space beyond the cardboard to put a life story that other people can listen and relate to. A space where people can connect with people.