Clean Water for Villages in Africa

Million of people are still living withourt access to clean water and sanitation, our goal is to make these services available for everyone in those places where it is most needed. Pleaser contribute to our campaign to make this happen.

We are an international organization whose central aim is to provide clean water and sanitation technologies in those places where it is needed the most. Millions of people struggle every day to find and drink clean water. This crowdfunding campaign will ensure the provision of simple technologies can make a huge difference in these remote villages.

Our Team is currently in Ethipia, looking for communities that require assistance in obtaining an adequate clean water source. Our goal is to identify 5 villages that are willing to paricipate in the project and commit to the sustainability of the water system.

This crowdfunding campaign intends to provide simple infrastructure to 5 villages located in the Gambela region. The equpment that will be supplied includes:

  • Drilling Equipment
  • Hand pumps
  • Survey costs for well locations
  • Community training

Very often, the clean water that a community needs is right underneath. It's incredible how a relatively small investment can make such a dramatic difference in people's lives. That's why we make these projects and encourage poeple to contribute !