Medical bill

Mrs oyediran has been held down in Federal Medical Centre, Abeokuta, for close to two months because of herr inability to pay her medical bills. You can call this number for verification: 2348060202011

Mrs. oyediran has been detained in the hospital for about two month because of her inability to pay her medical bills.

She was pregnate and at the point of delivery the baby died in her womb, which lead to her referal to Federal Medical  Centre, in Abeokuta Ogun State in Nigeria, she was operated to bring out the died child and to save her life. After all the treatment for two weeks her bill was given to her which was N72,000 naira. she was unable to pay, because she is a petty trader and her husband is jobbless. this family have even sold virtually all their belonging just to feed, and the also have a child that needs to be taking care of and go to school.

Please lets help this family, your donation will make a whole lots of difference.

God bless you has you strech a hand of help to this family