Street dogs are awesome !

Thousands of dogs live on the strets in Mexico City, Our campaign tries to raise funds to support adoption efforts and cover veterinary costs for the sick and wounded.

I am currently raising funds for improving the conditions of street dogs in my neighborhood. Millions of dogs live and spend their lives on the streets of the city, either due to negligence of their owners, or because they never had a family of their own.

These dogs live from whatever food they can find on the streets, either in garbage cans or from the leftovers of street restaurants. Many of them have previously been abused and have grown to become fearful of humans. These dogs often suffer from medical conditions that need treatment. However, they don't have anyone to look after them.

Our campaign tries to raise funds to look for families that can adopt them, and pay for their medical expenses.

It is estimated that Mexico City is currently home to nearly 3 million dogs. Many of them belonged to low-income households that could not pay for their medical bills, and took the decision to abandon them.